Femme Fido 2015

Nine years ago, a unique local bicycling event was created to give women a chance to ride together in support of the fight against breast cancer. Called Hope on Wheels, this annual ride raised money and awareness, and benefitted Nashville's Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. Though the foundation is now directing its efforts to other events, women bicyclists throughout Middle Tennessee continue to seek opportunities to ride together.
Femme Fido formally Femme Fondo provides that opportunity—a women's ride in the tradition of Hope on Wheels. Femme Fido is a celebration of the joys of riding a bike for women. It is just that simple.
Femme Fondo was changed to Femme Fido in 2014.  After directing the race for 9 years, Vida Greer has decided to take a step back.  Femme Fido will continue to be sponsored by Gran Fondo Cycles along with Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue. The ride will give riders the opportunity to raise funds(or just ride) for local 501c3 Animal Rescues.   Each year 2 deserving rescues will be recipicents of the funds raised along with Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue.  With so many small rescues struggling to raise money the idea of Gran Fondo and Middle Trennessee Boxer Rescue giving back to other rescues would  AWESOME!!!   Gran Fondo employee Vida Greer served as HOW100 Event Director for the initial 5 years of the event’s history. Middle tennesee Boxer rescue board member Suzanna Dever will now be the aciting Event Director. Gran Fondo Cycles continues the tradition as the event promoter for Femme Fido.
According to former Femme Fondo Director, Vida Greer, “The time spent helping to create and direct Hope on Wheels was some of the most gratifying hard work of my life.  Every year, I was moved by the special spirit of hundreds of women, coming together to ride their bikes. I saw hundreds of women achieve what they'd never imagined they could. I watched new friendships blossom. I heard women encouraging each other up hills, over long miles, and in weather that wasn't always perfect. I ride a lot, but there was always something unique about that day when our beautiful Middle Tennessee country roads were filled with women on their bikes. Gran fondo Cycles and Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue is committed to continuing the fantastic tradition of celebrating women on bikes and helping save the lives of animals.”